BMC Antimicrobial Stewardship App Support

This app was developed by Marta Lemesh, BS-HS and Andrew Miesner, PharmD to support antimicrobial stewardship efforts at Broadlawns Medical Center (BMC) in Des Moines, Iowa. Content includes:
-Empiric treatment recommendations for our top 5 infections requiring hospitalization
-Duration of therapy dictionary
-Links to treatment guidelines from national organizations
-Renal dosing grid
-Formulary information

Please note that treatment recommendations have been developed by the Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee at BMC and have been tailored to our resistance patterns and formulary. As such, recommendations may not be able to be applied to other institutions.

The Broadlawns Medical Center Antimicrobial Stewardship App is currently available on Google Play for Android and will soon be available for iOS on the Apple App Store.


If you need support, contact